OPS helps Lower Shore Workforce Alliance get Exceptional Results in 4 months

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

OPS engaged with the Lower Shore Workforce Alliance (LSWA) in December 2017 to help improve the customer flow for citizens to get registered to receive services. After training the staff in Lean principles and tools in late December, OPS led a Value Stream Analysis Process with the LSWA team in early January. The team at LSWA became highly engaged and energized to eliminate waste and change their processes to improve the customer experience. They have changed how they operate in order to allow citizens to be seen the same day they walk in, which has resulted in an over 600% increase in the amount of customers now signed up in their programs! This has also eliminated the amount of trips the citizen needs to take, the number of defects in an application and significantly reduced the total lead time of the process.

Just as impressive, is the LSWA's commitment to establishing a culture of continuous improvement and testing new ideas to constantly improve the process for their customers and themselves. This controlled tweaking and experimentation of the new process has enabled it to be owned by the team and for them to constantly think of new ideas to improve their level of service to their citizens. The results have been remarkable, great job team!

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