OPS Awarded a Contract with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Monday, August 08, 2016

Operational Performance Solutions (OPS) is pleased to announce we have been awarded a contract by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to assist with the the establishment of their Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) Enterprise Program. Our extensive Lean experience with other government agencies at the federal, state and local levels has helped to make us a frontrunner for Lean improvement in government.

This comprehensive program will help the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania establish a foundation for Lean Government while also starting to put the infrastructure in place for a Lean culture of continuous improvement to be instilled across all agencies and programs. This approach will quickly engage staff and start a successful continuous improvement journey with real improvements from both Commonwealth of Pennsylvania employee participants and highly skilled and experienced Lean professionals. This will allow the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to achieve dramatic improvements in customer service, quality, efficiency and cost at a very accelerated rate.
OPS is very excited to be assisting the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in this very important work.

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