Rachel Mandel, MD MHA interviewed a second time by Mark Graban

Friday, May 08, 2020

On May 7, 2020, Rachel Mandel, MD MHA and Senior Healthcare Advisor for OPS, was a guest on a live video podcast hosted by Mark Graban. Mr. Graban is an internationally-recognized Lean consultant, author, and professional speaker. This podcast was a follow-up to an audio conversation between the two that was posted on April 27, 2020 on the host's webpage and social media sites. This most recent interview was live streamed as well as taped via Mr. Graban's YouTube channel. Dr. Mandel and Mr. Graban discussed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on hospitals and how healthcare organizations can use Lean concepts and tools to return to "normal" operations as the spread of COVID-19 first eases then persists at some level. They also discussed how hospitals will continue to be challenged by limited resources, financial losses, overworked staff and the need to maintain non-COVID related services. Dr. Mandel presented examples of how different healthcare teams have utilized Lean principles as they problem solved to meet the demands of the pandemic. They also highlighted ways in which healthcare organizations can utilize Lean tools and methodologies to align medical staff, stay responsive to changes in the environment and meet the goals of quality patient care.
To view the podcast, click here.

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