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Deborah Ung

Board of Advisors

Deborah has led highly successful global consulting organizations that have specialized in Business Transformation Services including Strategy Alignment and Execution, Leadership Development and Employee Engagement, Technology Implementation, Change Management, Digital Learner Experience Solutions, and Marketing Solutions. Most recently, she led the $240 million, 1,500 person Business Transformation Services organization of GP Strategies, a 3,500 person organization with offices in over thirty countries, serving Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) and Asia-Pacific (APAC.)

Deborah serves on the OPS Board of Advisors, where she specializes in Strategy Development and Implementation. Her particular focus is on developing strong, successful partnerships with organizations whose values and capabilities are compatible with those of OPS, and where integrated services expand the ability to provide clients with powerful, value-added services that combine the strengths of both entities.

Deborah's first major experience in developing a successful global partnership was during the wave of Fortune 500 organizations implementing enterprise-resource-planning (ERP) software solutions. As leader of the Enterprise Systems organization in a small startup company (RWD Technologies,) she established the first formal end-user training partnership with SAP, and led that business unit to $40 million in annual revenue within four years. Her organization was the first in the US market to offer highly effective end-user training of the complex SAP system, and it played a vital role in the successful implementation of this complex software solution throughout the organization of many large American companies. With a proven record of success in the US and the complete trust of the entire SAP organization, she then led the expansion of RWD's Enterprise Systems to EMEA and APAC. The global SAP partnership eventually generated $60 million in revenue annually for RWD.

Deborah personally developed and managed the SAP-RWD partnership from its very inception, and grew this relationship into one characterized by technical excellence, trust, open communications, joint planning and goals, and a strong mutual commitment to customer satisfaction.

From 2002-2006, Deborah was President of Accelera, a private equity-backed startup that specialized in training and performance improvement services for pharmaceutical and medical device sales teams. Under her leadership, revenue grew from $2 million a year to $13+ million, and she led the acquisition and integration of a training firm that significantly extended the company's capabilities.

In 2006, Deborah returned to RWD Technologies, initially as Vice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances, and then as Senior Vice President, Northeast Region, where she integrated several disparate units into one cohesive, highly capable organization When RWD was acquired by GP Strategies in 2011, Deborah became Executive Vice President of Business Transformation Services, where she led the repositioning of disparate product and service offerings into one holistic portfolio to provide clients with much greater value and to enable GP Strategies to broaden its footprint across the client organization.

Deborah began her career in Health Physics and Radiation Protection, in which she has a Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University. She has participated in Graduate studies in Business Administration at The Johns Hopkins University.