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Greg Thomerson

Process Improvement Specialist

Greg has more than 30 years Lean/Continuous Improvement experience involved in teaching, facilitating and applying Lean/Continuous Improvement systems, principles and methods to help commercial and government organizations at all organizational levels.

Greg was employed at the Toyota plant in Georgetown, Kentucky for nine and a half years, during which time he was deeply involved in all aspects of the Toyota Production Systems (TPS). As a member of the Training Department, he designed and developed training materials on all aspects of TPS, delivered that training to all levels of the organization, and successfully coached and facilitated implementation of these principles in transitional and manufacturing applications.

After Toyota, Greg consulted with a Lean consultancy Total Systems Development (TSD). AT TSD, he developed and orchestrated the Lean Sensei certifications for more than 35 individuals at the executive level and for more than 100 individuals at the production floor level. He developed and led education, training, improvement and mentoring programs for executive, transactional and production floor levels in all aspects of Lean including Roles and Responsibilities, Change Management, Policy Deployment (Hoshin Kanri,) Lean Overview, 5-Phase Lean Implementation, Value Stream Mapping, Lean Terminology and Metrics, 5 S, Visual Factory, Error Proofing, PDCA Problem Solving, Job Instruction Training, Pull Systems, Kanban Systems, Kaizen Process and Jishuken Events.

Greg's more than 30 years Lean experience includes over 20 years at the level of Lean Sensei, during which he has conducted over 50 value stream mapping exercises, led, hundreds of improvement events, and trained a total of more than 25,000 people in hundreds of training classes.

In addition to his work as a teacher and facilitator, Greg has authored chapters on Standardized Work and Visual Factory in the reference work Lean Manufacturing: a Plant Floor Guide, TSD 2001, published by Society of Manufacturing. Engineers (SME). He has also lectured on Lean methods and tools for SME across the US, as well as for the Korean Society of Standards in Seoul, Korea.

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