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Ken Roey


Ken Roey has over forty years of experience in the Federal, State and local government arenas achieving dramatic improvements in organizational performance, using a variety of process improvement tools. Ken began his development as a leader in Lean methodology with his involvement in the United States Navy's Lean Shipbuilding Initiative, which focused on achieving dramatic performance improvements in the Navy's private sector shipbuilding and ship repair sectors. One of his more notable achievements was leading a large Navy industrial activity in a wave of process improvement activities culminating in its recognition as the best maintenance unit in the Navy and Ken's receipt of the 1997 Claud A Jones Award for making significant contributions to maritime readiness. Upon retiring from the Navy, following a short stint in the private sector Ken became the Executive Director, Facilities and later the Chief Facilities Officer for the Howard County Public School System, where he served from 2006-2014. He introduced Lean to the school system, and led projects that achieved breakthrough performance in areas ranging from Transportation services to FMLA administration. Service outcomes were improved dramatically by increasing employee engagement and evaluating processes based on customer values. Recognized as a leader throughout the state of Maryland, he was awarded the 2014 Lean Leadership Award by the Maryland World Class Consortia. He has led many successful process improvement events, and is widely respected as an extremely effective instructor of Lean systems, processes, and tools. As a member of the OPS team, Ken supports Lean training and consulting projects for federal, state and local governments. In addition to his Lean training and facilitation skills, Ken has been trained as a Baldridge Examiner and a Covey Facilitator. Ken has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Management from the United States Naval Academy and a Master of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the United States Naval Postgraduate School in Monterrey, California. He is a graduate of the Advanced Program Management Course at the Defense Systems Management College and is a retired Navy Captain.

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