Our Partners

The team at Operational Performance Solutions (OPS) includes some of the best and most experienced True Lean implementers in the world, and we expand our reach to include larger engagements and new areas by partnering with a select group of highly respected organizations and global companies. These partners are committed to the principles of True Lean, and they are leaders in their fields. They share the same values, mission, integrity and customer focus as OPS, and working together with them enhances our ability to spread true Lean thinking around this country and the world.

Thought Leader Partners embody specialized, industry-leading knowledge and expertise in key areas and industries such as healthcare. Implementation Support Partners have the organizational size and additional capabilities such as government contract vehicles to enable us to bring substantial resources to implementation projects. Technology Solutions partners enable us to introduce exceptional technology teams to our clients who can assist with the design, development, and implementation of advanced information systems that can help to actualize the improvements identified during our True Lean projects.

Thought Leaders

Implementation Support

Technology Solutions

Principles of Lean

  • Think Long-Term
  • The Right Process Will Produce the Right Results
  • Add Value to the Organization by Developing Your People
  • Continuously Solving Root Problems Drives Organizational Learning
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