Our Principles


To be the trusted advisor that helps our clients achieve and sustain operational excellence.1


Our highly experienced performance improvement specialists work shoulder-to-shoulder with customers to help them implement actionable and measurable strategies and tactics to achieve and sustain superior performance. Our work is focused on helping clients build a culture that continuously improves key performance indicators in the areas of quality, safety, responsiveness, schedule attainment, customer satisfaction, employee morale and cost.

Our robust systems and processes were originally developed by the Toyota Supplier Support Center in the early 1990's, and have been refined based on experience in different industries and client situations over the years. OPS is deeply committed to Toyota's principles of Lean Process Improvement, a bedrock that enables us to accomplish our mission efficiently, while transferring skills and knowledge to client employees in a timely and effective manner.

An essential element of our mission is to help build a culture and leadership structure that empower front-line employees to contribute directly to continuous improvement as an integral part of their work. This assures secure and rewarding employment because of their indispensable contribution to organizational success.

From the outset of each project, we focus on helping our clients achieve a significant return on their investment in our work.

Core Values

  • Treat all people with dignity and respect, and as we wish to be treated
  • Exhibit unimpeachable integrity in all matters
  • Display an uncompromising commitment to excellence in everything we do
  • Go above and beyond the call to help our customers succeed
  • Provide exceptional value to our customers for their investment in our work
  • Be a repository of knowledge and best practices in process improvement
  • Learn from every project; improve our processes; disseminate the knowledge
  • Be a model of cultural transparency and accountability
  • Be known as an engine of creativity and innovation
  • Empower team members and provide unparalleled opportunities to learn
  • Improve continuously in all aspects of our business

1OPS defines operational excellence as superior performance in quality, safety, responsiveness, schedule attainment, customer satisfaction, employee morale and cost

Our Team

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