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Russ Scaffede

Chairman, Board of Advisors

Mr. Scaffede is Chairman of the Board of Advisors of Operational Performance Solutions, Inc. A former Vice President of Powertrain at Toyota in Georgetown, Kentucky. Russ learned firsthand from the original practitioners in the United States and Japan. Russ has been the chief operating architect of the successful lean transformations at Donnelly Corporation and Tiara Yachts and he is a former Chairman of the Shingo Prize Board of Governors. Co-author of "The Leadership Roadmap" with Duane Baumgardner (CEO during Donnelly's lean transformation), He stands out from many well-known lean disciples because he is a strong hands-on operational leader, and has actually led successful lean transformations of large organizations as the senior operating executive. Russ' powerful ability to implement lean in US operations is based on his unique opportunity to dissect and understand the Toyota Production System in detail, after he had spent years mastering GM's old-line mass production system. He also developed his understanding of the critical missing process in most lean manufacturing implementations, which is the integration of a truly participative people-based belief system. Russ joined John Beakes Jr.'s consulting organization after five years at Toyota, and he spent the next two years leading the development of the Ford Production System. Russ is currently serving as the Executive Coach for the implementation of a Lean Operating System for a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Facility; In addition, Russ is helping with the OPS transformation of lean into health care.

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