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Stormy T. W. Hicks

Director, Leadership Development

Stormy Hicks' background is a unique blend of extensive front-line corporate leadership experience and a PhD. in Organizational Communications from Wayne State University, focused on leadership and successful implementation of transformational change. He was involved in the lean transformation of Ford Motor Company as a senior manufacturing executive in the Electronics Division in the early 1990's and was later the Executive Director of Worldwide Logistics Planning, Procurement & Operations. Ford's transformation included extensive bench-marking with Toyota, which provided Dr. Hicks and other executives with a unique and early opportunity to study and understand a successful lean enterprise. Since retiring from Ford in 1998, Dr. Hicks has had CEO/Presidential leadership roles in several manufacturing organizations where he successfully led the implementation of lean principles and processes. In periods when he has not been engaged directly in front-line manufacturing leadership responsibilities, he has consulted with a variety of organizations in leadership development, management of transformational change, and implementation of lean processes and principles.

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