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OPS is committed to providing webinars that are powerful, relevant and practical. These webinars are also intended to provide the audience with actionable content that they can begin using right away. They are led by some of the most highly experienced and successful Lean practitioners in this country, who have implemented and sustained a Lean system in a variety of organizations and industries. Below is a list of Webinar that OPS has recently offered, contact us for more details about these topics and other custom webinars available to your organization.

Lessons from Toyota for Healthcare, hosted by Russ Scaffede

Many healthcare organizations are beginning to embrace an approach to process improvement that is rooted in the Toyota Production System (TPS), an approach that has come to be called "Lean". The systems, process and principles that constitute TPS are remarkably adaptable to non-manufacturing situations, including healthcare - however it is all too easy to misapply the tools without first developing an in-depth understanding of the new environment.

Advanced Issues in A3 Problem Solving, hosted by Art Smalley

Early efforts with the A3 process always identify roadblocks as more complex issues arise, take a deeper dive into understanding the A3 process from a Toyota insider. This session allows you to discuss your questions with one of the industry's leading experts.

Lessons Learned from the Front-Lines of Lean Implementation in Hospitals, hosted by Dave Norton

Insights into the employment of Lean in a hospital environment are based on years of work on the front-lines, working shoulder-to-shoulder with physicians, nurses, technicians, administrators and other healthcare professionals. This webinar will provide invaluable first-hand experience for those who are engaged in, or planning to engage in Lean process improvement.

Sharing your Lean System for Total Success: How to use your Lean system to benefit all stakeholders, hosted by Russ Scaffede

This presentation is a powerful discussion of how Toyota has far exceeded any other organization in establishing and sustaining strong Lean disciplines throughout their worldwide operations. Russ's unique perspective as a former Toyota executive and his wide range of experience with U.S. industry provide key insights into proven methods for building and sustaining a Lean culture.

Implementing Lean in Healthcare Organizations - "A Roadmap for Success", hosted by John Beakes, Jr.

In this webinar, front-line healthcare professionals, organizational leaders at all levels, and Lean implementers will:

1)  Learn how to develop:

     *  A roadmap for successfully implementing Lean in your organization
     *  Your organizations Lean System Model

2)  Review Lean Systems Models that have been key successful implementation

3)  Obtain practical lessons learned from successful Lean projects

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