OPS supports true Lean transformation at United Concordia Dental

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Operational Performance Solutions is working with United Concordia Dental (UCD) to guide and coach them on their journey to implement true Lean in their organization. Lean is rapidly being seen as a methodology that works in any organization as the principles are universal. These principles make any process more efficient while increasing value to customers and reducing costs by engaging the hearts and minds of the staff.

OPS has completed its initial work with UCD to train some of its employees in Lean and A3 problem solving while applying those concepts to real world challenges. Additionally, a Value Stream Analysis Process (VSAP) has been completed with several staff being exposed to the true Lean principles and working to improve a process. All this work is to build a culture of continuous improvement and transfer the knowledge to the UCD team to be able to self-sustain this continuous improvement culture forever.
OPS is excited about the work with UCD to date and the continuation of our coaching and support during their transformation to a true Lean culture.

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