Lean Budgeting Whitepapers by Andrew Kleine

Monday, October 15, 2018

Andrew Kleine, OPS Board of Advisor member and former Budget Director of the City of Baltimore, is a nationally renowned expert and author on the topic of Outcome Based Budgeting. Andrew is a Lean advocate and brought Lean into the City of Baltimore with the help of Operational Performance Solutions, Inc.

His recently published book, City On the Line: How Baltimore Transformed Its Budget to Beat the Great Recession and Deliver Outcomes, has been widely acclaimed and received high praise. Andrew is a true believer in the combined power of Lean and Outcome Based Budgeting for all levels of government. He has decided to write a series of short papers for OPS to help get the word out about this very important topic to all levels of government, taxpayers and citizens in need of services. Please follow the link below to OPS' first paper on Lean Budgeting and stay tuned for future releases in the coming weeks!

OPS Lean Budgeting Paper #1

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